International Shooting Range de Wildenberg

Our shooting club is located at the International Shooting Range de Wildenberg.

At the range you can shoot:

Clay Pigeon:

  • 2 x Olympic Skeet
  • 2 x Olympic Trap
  • English Sporting in accordance with KNJV standards
  • 16 different stands
  • 6 x Compak Sporting
  • 6 x Sporttrap
  • 1 x Balltrap


  • 50 meter range

At the 50 meter range you can shoot all, in The Netherlands allowed, calibers for handgun and rifle.
The range is equipped with a 'Running Pig'.

At the bar:
Everybody is welcome to enjoy drinks and food at the cosy bar with fireplace.

For inquiries about the shooting range you can send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also use the phone: 0495 520329

Rules at the shooting range:

  • Safety first! (barrel in safe direction, carry shotguns in a case or broken and empty etc.)
  • Keep valid permits on your person at all times
  • Candidate members can never go out to the range with a weapon unaccompanied. (Immediate removal of the range )
  • Clean up after yourself: empty shells/cartridges and targets in the trashcan
  • Candidate members must take a Safetycourse, provided by the club

The address of ISR de Wildenberg: Op Kernies 3, 6002 NC Weert

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