Privacy Statement


Visiting the website

When you visit this website, a few cookies will be placed for readability of this website. No marketing cookies will be placed. We do not use the services of Google Analytics or any other provider to analyze the use of this website.

Sending e-mails to SV de Wildenberg

When you send an e-mail to one of the e-mail addresses of SV de Wildenberg, this e-mail and its content will be stored and saved for at least 3 years.

Personal data

On the website of SV de Wildenberg no personal information will be placed unless permission has been granted bij the person/persons of whom the information has been placed on the website. In most cases this will involve the mentioning of the first name/names, last name/names, an occasional photo and scores of participants of, by SV de Wildenberg organised matches.

Links on the website

On the webbsite of SV de Wildenberg a few links to other websites are available. SV de Wildenberg is in no way responsible for the use of your personal data on these websites. You'll have to check the privacy statement, when available, on that website.