Shooting Club de Wildenberg

The club was founded on April 17, 1964 and registered in the Association Register with registration number 40175531 at the Chamber of Commerce in Roermond.

The club is based at International Shooting Range de Wildenberg in Weert.

Our goals are:

  • providing an opportunity to practice shooting, with due observance of the laws in force
  • to represent the interests of its members in the area of shooting
  • promoting shooting

The club hours for shooting (for members with a valid permit) are:

Candidate members and members without a valid permit make arrangements with their trainers

Every 2nd Monday of each month from 21.00 till 23.00 at the 100 meters shooting range in Veghel.


Becoming a member of Schietvereniging de Wildenberg (*SV de Wildenberg) is possible for anyone that:

  • can get a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) from his/her city of residence or,
  • is already a member of another Dutch shooting club and has a valid WM4 (permit).

If you are interested in a membership of SV de Wildenberg you can request a meeting with one of the board members of the club by writing an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When, after the meeting, you are still interested in becoming a member you can ask for an application form for a VOG and an application form for membership.

The VOG (that should be no more than 2 months old) together with the fully completed membership application form (with two passport photos) can be delivered to one of the board members of the SV Wildenberg. This will make sure your application will be processed.

After your application form is submitted, the board will consider your application. The board will let you know as soon as possible if you can indeed join SV de Wildenberg.

If you are an experienced shooter, the board will let you take an aptitude test. For this test, you will be asked to shoot a round of clay pigeons or shoot some rounds on the 50 meter range on a, by a board member appointed day, under the supervision of a board member or a certified shooting instructor. The supervisor will take notice of all safety measures shown by you. After a positive assessement of the test nothing stands in your way to join SV de Wildenberg.

As a novice shooter, you will get acquainted with SV de Wildenberg as a guest on four seperate occasions. In this four-week trial period, you will get to know the three main disciplines you can shoot at de Wildenberg: pistol, rifle and shotgun (clay pigeon). At the end of this trial period you will be assessed to see if you can join SV de Wildenberg as a candidate. Once you join SV de Wildenberg you will be signed up with the Royal Netherlands Shooters Association (K.N.S.A.) after which you will receive your KNSA license. At this point you will need to choose one of the three disciplines for your first 18 months of membership.

The first six months of the candidate will serve as an assessment period. In the first three months you will have to attend a number of mandatory lessons, after which you will have to take an aptitude test. Passing that test means that now you can shoot at the range under supervision of a trainer. Apart from your shooting capabilities, the instructors/trainers will also evaluate you on safety, character and whether or not you'll fit in the club.

Candidates with a positive evaluation after the six month period become full members of the club. As a member you will be expected to shoot on a regular basis (with a minimum of 18 sessions each year). As long as you don't have a firearms permit you can always use a weapon (shotgun, rifle, pistol or revolver) from the club under supervision of a qualified instructor or a club member with a permit for the club weapons.
NOTE! As long as you don't have your own firearms permit and you have your KNSA license less than one year you can only shoot weapons in .22LR caliber or shotguns (12 gauge).

Membership fees

Membership/registration fees for SV de Wildenberg/KNSA for 2024 are set at:

  • Shooting clays OR shooting at the 50 meter range: € 147,-/year (full year, KNSA fees NOT included)
  • Shooting both clays AND shooting target at the 50 meter range: € 200,-/year (full year, KNSA fees NOT included)
  • Registration fee € 140,-
  • Every member of SV de Wildenberg is required to be a member of the KNSA. If you are not a member of the KNSA we will register you with the KNSA for membership
  • KNSA membership fee is € 42,50
  • If you are not a member of the KNSA you will be charged a registration fee for the KNSA of € 42,50
  • If you are member of another (KNSA licensed) club and the KNSA fees are already being paid at that club you won't be charged the KNSA membership fees through our club

For information regarding the KNSA membership: klick here (The KNSA website will be opened in a new screen. The website is in Dutch).



The registration of new members is always quarterly. Your membership will therefore start on January 1, April 1, July 1 or October 1.
Your membership is always until December 31 of the year that you become a member.
Your membership will be extended by one year after you have paid the invoice we will send to you at the beginning of November.
If you would like to cancel your membership please do so before November 1. Invoices for membership fees will be sent through electronic mail at the beginning of November.

If your membership starts April 1, you will be charged 75% of the club membership fee , € 110,25/€ 150,-

If your membership starts July 1, you will be charged 50% of the club membership fee , € 73,505/€ 100,-

If your membership starts October 1, you will be charged 25% of the club membership fee , € 36,75/€ 50,-

Registration fee for the club will always be € 140,-.

Membership fee and registration fee for the KNSA will always be € 42,50/€ 42,50

International Shooting Range de Wildenberg

Our shooting club is located at the International Shooting Range de Wildenberg.

At the range you can shoot:

Clay Pigeon:

  • 2 x Olympic Skeet
  • 2 x Olympic Trap
  • English Sporting in accordance with KNJV standards
  • 16 different stands
  • 6 x Compak Sporting
  • 6 x Sporttrap
  • 1 x Balltrap


  • 50 meter range

At the 50 meter range you can shoot all, in The Netherlands allowed, calibers for handgun and rifle.
The range is equipped with a 'Running Pig'.

At the bar:
Everybody is welcome to enjoy drinks and food at the cosy bar with fireplace.

For inquiries about the shooting range you can send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can also use the phone: 0495 520329

Rules at the shooting range:

  • Safety first! (barrel in safe direction, carry shotguns in a case or broken and empty etc.)
  • Keep valid permits on your person at all times
  • Candidate members can never go out to the range with a weapon unaccompanied. (Immediate removal of the range )
  • Clean up after yourself: empty shells/cartridges and targets in the trashcan
  • Candidate members must take a Safetycourse, provided by the club

The address of ISR de Wildenberg: Op Kernies 3, 6002 NC Weert

100m shooting range

Every second Monday of any month (holidays excluded) we can use the 100 meters indoor shooting range in Veghel from 21:00 - 23:00.

The address for Stichting Veghelse Indoos Schietbanen: Geerbunders 31, 5461 XM Veghel

You will need to bring your own back plates (cardboard or wood). We have no space at the shooting range to keep those. Targets for the club competition are available on the premises.

Mailing list

As a member of SV de Wildenberg, your e-mail address is added to a mailinglist with Mailchimp. We won't send you e-mails too often, just when we think we have something to tell you like upcoming matches, changes in the match calendar, closing of the shooting range. Things like that.

You can, of course, unsubscribe from this mailinglist through a link in the e-mails you will receive. After unsubscribing, you will no longer receive e-mails from that mailinglist. This means you will no longer be informed through e-mail anymore. When, after unsubscribing, you wish to subscribe again, you can do so by sending an e-mail to info(at)svdewildenberg.nl with the request to be added to the mailinglist again.

Announcements are also put on this website. When you have unsubscribed from the mailinglists or when you did not submit an e-mailaddress you can stay up to date through this website.

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