Becoming a member of Schietvereniging de Wildenberg (*SV de Wildenberg) is possible for everyone who:

  • has a Certificat of Good Conduct (VOG) from his/her city of residence; or,
  • already is a member of another Dutch shooting club and has a valid WM4 (permit).

If you are interested in a membership of SV de Wildenberg you can request a meeting with one of the board Members of the club by writing an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When, after the meeting, you are still interested in becoming a member you can ask for an application form for the VOG and the application form for membership.

THe VOG (no more than 2 months old) together with the application form for membership ('aanvraagformulier lidmaatschap’), which is also available at the bar at the shooting range must be fully completed, with two passport photos, and delivered to one of the board members of the SV Wildenberg. This ensures that your application will be processed.

After your application form is submitted, the board will consider your application. The board will let you know as soon as possible if you can indeed join SV de Wildenberg.

If you are an experienced shooter, the board will let you take an aptitude test. For this test, you will be asked to shoot a round of clay pigeons or shoot some rounds on the 50 meter range on a, by a board member appointed day, under the supervision of a board member or a certified shooting instructor. The supervisor will take notice of all safety measures shown by you. After a positive assessement of the test nothing stands in your way to join SV de Wildenberg.

As a novice shooter, you will get acquainted with SV de Wildenberg as a guest on four seperate occasions. In this four-week trial period, you will get to know the three main disciplines you can shoot at de Wildenberg: pistol, rifle and shotgun (clay pigeon). At the end of this trial period you will be assessed to see if you can join SV de Wildenberg as a candidate. Once you join SV de Wildenberg you will be signed up with the Royal Netherlands Shooters Association (K.N.S.A.) after which you will receive your KNSA license. At this point you will need to make a choice from one of the disciplines in which you initially wish to capacitate.

The first six months of the candidate will serve as an assessment period. In the first three months you will have to attend a number of mandatory lessons, after which you will have to take an aptitude test. Passing that test means that now you can shoot at the range under supervision of a trainer. Apart from your shooting capabilities, the instructors/trainers will also evaluate you on safety, character and whether or not you'll fit in the club.

Candidates with a positive evaluation after the six month period become full members of the club. As a member you will be expected to shoot on a regular basis ( with a minimum of 18 sessions each year). As long as you don't have a firearms permit you can always use a weapon (shotgun, rifle, pistol or revolver) of the club under supervision of a qualified instructor or a club member with a permit for the club weapons.
NOTE! As long as you don't have your own firearms permit and you have your KNSA license less than one year you can only shoot weapons in .22LR caliber or shotguns (12 gauge).

As a member you will have the following benefits:

  • A round of clays (25) for only €9,-
  • A €5,- dicount (for every round) on instruction  of an instructor working at shooting range de Wildenberg
  • Shotgun shells at a discount (10 boxes of 25 shells)
  • Participate in club matches
  • Once a year a club championship is held for all members and candidates. The clays and .22LR cartridges are sponsored by the club
  • You are invited to join the New Year's reception on the 2nd Sunday of January
  • You are welcome at the annual meeting, held in April
  • After a minimum of at least 1 year you are eligible for a 'firearms permit' as stated in 'Wet wapens en munitie'
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